New version april 2004 : see Sonographe


Fichier image (Image file) :

File path and name of the BMP file to convert into a sound.


Fichier son (Sound file) :

File path and name of the WAV file to produce.


Voir (Look) :

Open a window on the source image.


Paramètres (Parameters) :

Call the settings dialog box, were you edit conversion parameters.


Calculer (Compute) :

Run the conversion process. Depending on the image size and sound duration, the process may be long… be patient. At the end of the process, a dialog box opens and says if it's ok (fait) or not. 

Ecouter (Listen) :

Opens a dialog box to listen to the result.


Phonogramme - Svelte


 Version Française

Developed by Vincent Lesbros at GAIV


Phonogramme svelte is an ultra light version for Windows 95 of Phonogramme for Macintosh.


Phonogramme - Svelte converts BMP files (Windows Bitmaps) into WAV files (RIFF WAVE).





A sample image for Phonogramme - Svelte.


Images are BMP, in RVB, indexed colors, gre(a)y levels or black & white.

Sound intensity is bound to the red component of the image. 

White is silent, black is the maximum of intensity.

The level scale is linear. 


Conversion parameters


Fréquence basse (low frequency) :

This frequency expressed in Hertz is the frequency corresponding to the lower line of the image. 

Echelle des fréquences (frequency scale) :

The frequency scale may be linear or logarithmic. When linear, the value is given in Hertz per pixel (hertz par pixel), when logarithmic the value is given in pixels per octava (pixels par octave). In the logarithmic mode, a vertical translation in the image coresponds to a transposition in the resulting sound. 

Pixels par octave (pixels per octava) :

The number of pixels needed (along a vertical axis) to go from a frequency to twice this frequency (in logarithmic mode).

The default value, 192 corresponds to a microtonal scale of 16 pixels by semitone (this is the actual format of Phonogrammes in the Mac version). 

Durée en millisecondes (Duration in ms) :

Number of miliseconds corresponding to the image width. Give the duration of the resulting sound.

Mode :

The mode is 8 for unsigned 8 bits, and 16 for signed 16 bits by sample.


Fréquence d’échantillonnage (Sample rate) :

11025, 22050 ou 44100 Hz (Number of samples per second).



Conversion parameters setting dialog of Phonogramme - Svelte.




Please send feed back to m a i l t o : v i @ a i . u n i v - p a r i s 8 . f r

New version april 2004 : see Sonographe

To download : Version with installation program 2423K.
Version without installation program 834K you need to have vb40032.dll allready installed on your PC for this version.

No garanty or responsibility will be taken for any damages, succes, failures, sadness, joy, negatives or povitives effects, resulting from the use of this program.


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