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Electronic Music Foundation

November 13, 1998


Here are some pointers to events and activities relevant to music in a

technological world. For the most complete and up-to-date information,

visit The EMF Guide to the World on the web:




=> 50 years ...

=> IRCAM in December

=> Electroacoustic Music Week

=> Modulations

=> Winter in (and around) New York

=> Around the world in 60 days

=> On the web


=>Listing your events in this calendar

=>On or off this list



50 years ...



Daniel Teruggi / Groupe de Recherches Musicales

Around New York City, November 17 - 23

New York City, Harvestworks, November 21


On October 5, 1948, Pierre Schaeffer broadcast the Concert de Bruits

(Concert of Noises) from Radiodiffusion Francaise in Paris. The event, the

first public presentation of what Schaeffer called "musique concrete," was

significant because it marked the official opening up of music to all




Want the whole story of musique concrete? Read this book:



1998 is the 50th anniversary year of musique concrete. It has been

celebrated in numerous festivals, mostly in Europe. At EMF, we thought we

should do something to celebrate it in the US. So we invited Daniel

Teruggi, current director of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris

(GRM), to demonstrate recent work including a new version of GRM Tools (a

major digital signal processing software package) at several colleges and

universities in the New York area. Between November 17 and 23, Teruggi will

visit Wesleyan University, Dartmouth College, Vassar College, Bennington

College, and Princeton University.


On November 21, Teruggi will demonstrate and discuss GRM technology at

Harvestworks in New York City, which will mark the first event of an

ongoing collaboration between EMF and Harvestworks. Our idea is to bring

technology developers together with a small group of composers in a

by-invitation-only series of informative and pleasurable encounters. If you

would like to be invited to this event, and/or if you would like to be on

the invitation list for future events of this kind, let us know:




IRCAM in December



If you're in Paris in December, go to IRCAM. You'll be three times fascinated.


#1: IRCAM Forum

December 8 - 10

Twice per year, the IRCAM Forum organizes 3-day workshops to discuss

software developed at IRCAM and to provide a framework for members of the

Forum to present their own work.



In general, we recommend that you look seriously into the IRCAM Forum. The

meetings are useful and interesting. But there's more. Download jMax, for

example, a realtime software signal processing system with a basic set of

DSP libraries and documentation. And then bear in mind that a full-featured

version, including more complete documentation, support, tutorials and an

extensive set of IRCAM librairies and patches, is available to members of

the Forum ... not to mention the CD-ROMs and other membership benefits.



While you're at it, look at the IRCAM MSP download site.



#2: Conference on Human-Computer Interfaces

December 11 - 12

This conference is a collaboration between IRCAM and Groupe de Recherches

Musicales (GRM) and it is, at least in part, a celebration of the 50th year

of musique concrete. Musique concrete posed important questions of how

composers can work with sound. Now the question is: How can composers work

with computers? The participants will include Daniel Teruggi, Hugues Vinet,

Jean-Claude Risset, Claude Cadoz, Xavier Rodet, Philippe Manoury, Emmanuel

Favreau, Yann Orlarey, Gerard Assayag, Tristan Murail and many other

composers and researchers.


#3: Second ESPRIT - CIUDAD meeting

On December 12, following the IRCAM / GRM conference, the second CIUDAD

meeting will take place with presentations on the Studio Online Project,

sound navigation, digital audio standards, and other subjects.


For information on all events:




ElectroAcoustic Music Week



ElectroAcoustic Music Week

Throughout the USA, Canada, and South America

November 8 - 15

ElectroAcoustic Music Week is a celebration of electronic and computer

music with concerts, parties, radio broadcasts, and other forms of

electrodelerium at (here's a small sampling:) University of Cincinatti,

University of North Texas, Lousiana State University, University of

Florida, University of Illinois, North Carolina State University, Kalvos &

Damian's New Music Bazaar, Oberlin College, Concordia Unibversity,

University of Wisconsin @ Milwaukee, University of Iowa, University of

Virginia, University at Buffalo, University of Maryland, Ithaca College,

and ... For the big picture, see:



Note especially:


*SEAMUS AudioClip Web Concert

On the web

Through November

A collection of AudioClips (works 2 minutes or less in length) played on

the web. You'll need a Real Audio player and a fast modem. Do you qualify?

Then tune in!



*Electromusica ...

Buenos Aires

Through November

A series of radio programs produced in Buenos Aires by Ricardo Dal Farra

and others, including music by Luis Jure, Jorge Antunes, Rodrigo Sigal,

Orlando Jacinto Garcia, Daniel Maggiolo, Charles Dodge, Allen Strange, and








Technophiles, alert!


Iara Lee, director of 'Synthetic Pleasures', has a new film titled

'Modulations: Cinema for the Ear', an exploration into electronic music and

its impact on late 20th century pop culture. It contains interviews and

studio footage with Coldcut, The Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Roni Size and The

Prodigy, and many others. Pioneers like John Cage, Stockhausen, Pierre

Henry, and Robert Moog make cameo appearances. Wired Magazine called it

"riveting." If you're in Detroit, Milwaukee, Williamstown, Santa Fe, San

Antonio, Ithaca, Hartford, Cleveland, Providence, Portland, Spokane, San

Francisco, Nashville, or Las Vegas, and if it's sometime in November or

December, check the schedule.




Winter in (and around) New York




Merkin Hall, New York City

November 12, December 3 ...

The Interpretations series, now in its 10th season and still one of New

York's most interesting concert series, is presenting John Kennedy and

Karen Walwyn on November 12, Katrina Krimsky on December 3, and many other

events in 1999.








Schedule for 1999




New York City

A continuing series

Roulette, now in its 20th year, remains one of the most interesting

downtown lofts. Concerts-to-be in November and December include Andrea

Goodman and Gerry Hemingway, Mark Howell, Ikue Mori, and Jim Staley.



Pierre Boulez at Connecticut College

New London (Connecticut)

November 21

Boulez will be a special guest composer at a day-long tribute to his music,

including a round table discussion with Mario Davidovsky and Bernard Rands,

and a performance of Boulez' 'Antheme II' for solo violin and electronics.



Giuseppe Englert at the Swiss Institute

New York City

November 30

Englert was one of the first European composers in the 1960s and 1970s to

compose with computer algorithms. This program is a tribute to his

pioneering work, including a panel discussion at 6 pm with Englert, James

Tenney, Larry Polansky, and Joel Chadabe. A concert at 8:30 will feature

the Euler-Quartet and others performing Englert's music.



New York City


Studying digital media arts at Harvestworks may be just the thing for you.

All of the courses are short, hands on, and practical, and they'll teach

you to do things like design web pages, edit digital photographs, and use a

lot of high tech software.




Around the world in 60 days



Nuova Consonanza

Rome (Italy)

Concerts: October - December

Symposium: November 28 - 29

This year's Nuova Consonanza, an annual festival in Rome, is subtitled

'1948-1998: 50 Years of Electronic Music' and it includes a long long list

of composers, among them Pierre Schaeffer, Jean-Claude Risset, Edgard

Varese, Bruno Maderna, Natasha Barrett, James Dashow, Trevor Wishart, Denis

Smalley, Luciano Berio, Tamas Ungvary, Henri Pousseur, Karlheinz

Stockhausen, Franco Evangelisti, Cornelius Cardew, Alessandro Cipriani,

Gerard Pape, Hans Tutschku, Agostino Di Scipio, Luigi Nono, James Tenney,

and many more ... including Edison, a multimedia group based in Rome. Then,

Hans Tutschku, Henri Pousseur, Luciano Berio, Giuseppe di Giugno, Alvise

Vidolin, Claude Cadoz, Jean-Claude Risset, Daniel Teruggi, and others will

participate in a symposium.



Festival Manca

Nice (France)

November 6 - 15

This year's Manca 98, an annual festival produced by CIRM (Centre National

de Creation Musicale) on the French Riviera, features concerts,

exhibitions, meetings, and sunshine, as well as Luciano Berio, Marcello

Panni, Jean-Claude Risset, Paul Mefano, Michel Redolfi, and other fine

composers. The major event is John Cage's 'Roaratorio, An Irish Circus on

Finnegan's Wake', one of Cage's big big pieces.



The Space of Sound

Brussels (Belgium)

November 18 - 22

This 5th International Acousmatic Festival, in celebration of 50 years of

electronic music, includes music by Annette Vande Gorne, Leo Kupper, Todor

Todoroff, Francis Dhomont, Jonty Harrison, Denis Smalley, Paul Koonce,

Daniel Teruggi, and many others.




Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

November 17 - 29

DEAF (Dutch Electronic Art Festival) is a bi-annual event that deals with

inter-relations between art, technology and society. "Through its

presentation of independent and interdisciplinary artistic and scientific

projects, DEAF seeks to stimulate a critical discussion about social,

political and aesthetic developments in new media."




Barcelona (Spain)

November 19 - 21

Sponsored by the G6 action of the European Cooperation in the Field of

Scientific and Technical Research (COST) framework, the Audiovisual

Institute of the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona is organizing the

First Workshop on Digital Audio Effects (DAFX98), an international meeting

of researchers interested in the theory and practice of digital processing

techniques for the transformation of sounds in music and audio applications.



SoundCulture '98

Auckland (New Zealand)

November 20 - December 6

SoundCulture '98 will focus on performance art, sound sculpture, innovative

uses of public communications systems, site-specific public artworks,

events or spectacles, curated historical exhibitions and performances of

sound art, symposia, new media arts and technologies, innovative uses of

public communications systems, and forms yet to be discovered!



Harry Partch in England

London & Huddersfield

November 27 - 29

Harry Partch's music will be performed by Newband in the UK on authentic

Partch instruments for the 1st time in the UK! The program will include

'Castor and Pollux', verses from 'Petaluma', 'Daphne of the Dunes', and two

works by Dean Drummond for the Partch instruments. The events will start on

November 27 at the Barbican Centre (London) and include Bob Gilmore talking

about Harry Partch's life and work. The concert will be repeated at the

Huddersfield Music Festival.




More info on Partch in general? Read Gilmore's book:



Nature is Perverse

Fylkingen, Stockholm

November 27 - 29

Noise, performance, video. Groups will come from Switzerland, Holland,

Japan, USA, Thailand, and elsewhere and converge in Stockholm with an

explosive bang.




STEIM, Amsterdam

December 14 - 19

STEIM is presenting 'Touch', a week of Tactile Tronics, "alive and

vivacious, throbbing, warm, sensual, ecstatic live electronic stage acts

and immediate media ... a festival of music, theatre and performances,

hosting an exhibition of 'Please Do Touch' instruments and a meeting place

for pioneers, inventors, scientists and philosophers." There'll be

performances by Joel Ryan & Evan Parker, Laetitia Sonami, Frances Marie

Uitti & Michel Waisvisz, Schreck Ensemble, and many many others. There'll

be opportunities to interact with a wide range of devices at the Electro

Squeek Club. And there'll be a symposium with Trevor Wishart, George Lewis,

Roger Malina, Dick Raaijmakers, and others.




On the web



On November 8 in New York City, ASCI (Art and Science Collaborations, Inc.)

presented 'Bell Labs & the Origins of the Multimedia Artist', a panel that

celebrated the beginnings of multimedia and electronic music. The panelists

were Ken Knowlton, Max Mathews, Emmanuel Ghent, Michael Noll, Laurie

Spiegel, Jerry Spivack, Doree Seligmann, and Carl Machover. If you missed

it there, find it here:



Laurie Spiegel recently mentioned to us the need for an archive of vintage

software. It's certainly in our plans. But for the moment, it's time to

refresh your memory re 'Music Mouse', Spiegel's interactive composing

program from the 1980s.



On another note, 'Meteorite', a musical installation by Tod Machover,

opened in Essen, Germany, on June 5, 1998. From the press release:

"Meteorite is inspired by the whimsical notion that a giant meteor has

crashed into the Earth from an alien, future culture ... Visitors enter

Meteorite through a small structure visible above ground and descend into a

vast, multi-storied cavern with ramps and walkways leading to a series of

brightly colored, geometric chambers."



Visit the Waisvisz Archives, now visible on the web to document the many

interesting works of Michel Waisvisz, exceptional artist and innovator. And

while you're at it, have a general look at STEIM, makers of many

fascinating devices.




Listing your events in this calendar



If you'd like us to list your events in The EMF Worldwide Calendar, send

your information as early as possible to:



An email address and/or web reference for further information (such as the

address where the event will occur, box office phone, time of the event,

ticket price, etc) is essential. If you don't have a website to use in this

way, we suggest that you compose a standard email message with the relevant

information and be prepared to send it out to answer any inquiries. If you

would like us to create a website or manage a standard email message for

you, contact us for information.



On or off this list



We maintain separate email lists for different email publications. If you

would rather not receive this calendar, simply send us a message saying "No

calendar, please" and we will take you off the calendar list.




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