Françoise Balmas

Université Paris 8
Dépt. Informatique, Labo IA, LEMA
2, rue de la Liberté
93526 Saint-Denis Cedex

Tél : (+33) 1 49 40 64 97
Fax : (+33) 1 49 40 67 83
E-mail :


Interests :
Program understanding
Understanding Program Understanding
Program outlining
Program description/representation
High-level of abstraction programming languages
Programming environments
Pattern matching
Definition of a loop outlining model, suited to the LISP language (references 11, 6 and 4).
Implementation of three systems:
PRISME which automatically computes the outline of a given loop (namely a recursive function)(references 9, 7 and 5),
SignEdit which takes an outline, interactively constructed, and automatically generates the corresponding loop,
ACL which provides a set of macro-functions allowing to use outlines as function definition fragments (references 8 and 3),
Integration of these three systems within a programming environment (reference 11).
Application of PRISME to C langage programs (reference 10).
Use of outlines as search indexes to localize code fragments within large-scale programs (references 12 and 13).
Representing programs as dependece graphs (static analysis), implementation of a tool to visualize such graphs (références 16 et 18) and application to program documentation (référence 17).
Current projects
Applying strategies developed to visualize static dependences to dynamic dependence graphs (référence 19, 20, 21 et 22).
Evaluation of the role of outlines for the different tasks of Reverse Engineering, like debugging, maintenance or transformation of software.
High-level program analysis and representation
Understanding what Program Understanding means (references 14 and 15)
List by themas
Groupe de recherche APARU
CSMR 2006 (10th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering)
Bari (Italy), March 22-24th, 2006
CSMR 2005 (9th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering)
Manchester (UK), March 21-23th, 2005
IWPC 2005 (12th International Workshop on Program Comprehension)
St-Louis (Missouri), May 15-16th, 2005
SCAM 2005 (Workshop on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation)
Budapest (Hungary), September 30th and October 1st, 2005
ICSM 2005 (International Conference on Software Maintenance)
Budapest (Hungary) September 25-30, 2005
WCRE 2005 (12th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering)
USA, early November 2005

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