This page is the presentation of a computer work that I did in summer 2000 and in the beginning of 2001. Unless I've made a mistake, the results below include all optimal sequences for solving any position of the last layer of the Rubik's Cube. But it also includes much more : I have worked to make the computer choose sequences that are "easy" to do, and hope I have succeeded. For each position, a few sequences are given that have all been selected by my program.

I have made full use of all the symmetries (including inverses) both of the sequences and of the positions. A position or a sequence won't appear another time in a symmetric form. The only exception is for the list in Lars' method where I had rather give the list of positions as it appears in his site, so it doesn't take into account inversing the positions.

My notations are explained here. How the algorithms have been obtained is explained here.

Thanks to Dan Knight, there are now images to show the positions, in addition to the notations that I used before.

Algorithms for Jessica Fridrich's method :

Other 2 stages solutions :

Algorithms for Lars' method (assumes edges already have correct orientation) :

Finally :

Last modification : 13/04/2001

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