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Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture internationale


[B. Achili & B. Daachi & A. Ali Chérif & Y. Amirat 10]

A Robust Adaptive Control of a Parallel Robot, International Journal of Control, Taylor & Francis Group, sous presse, Septembre 2010.

[B. Achili & B. Daachi & A. Ali Chérif & Y. Amirat 10]

A C5 Parallel Robot Identification and Control, International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems, février 2010.


[M. Lamolle & E. Exposito & J. Gomez  10]

Coupling ODA and SOA approaches to design a Multimedia Ontology Driven Architecture (MODA), International Journal of Information Studies, à paraître en 2010.

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co-éditeurs, Special Issue on Software Analysis, Evolution and Re-engineering, Journal of Computer Programming, Volume 60, Issue 2.

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A Model to Blend Renderings, Machine Graphics and Vision, Journal, Vol 15, Nos 3/4, 2007.

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Overestimation for Multiple Sequence Alignment, International Journal of Information Technology and Intelligent Computing, à paraître, 2007.

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Playing the Right Atari, ICGA Journal, Vol. 30 (1), pp. 35-42, March 2007.

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A Neural network based approach for an assembly cell control, International Journal of Applied Soft Computing, 2007.

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Metarules to Improve Tactical Go Knowledge.
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Linguistic modifiers in a symbolic framework, International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems, Special Issue: Computing with words: foundations and applications, 9 (supplément), pp 49-62, septembre 2001.

Conférences invitées

[V. Boyer 06]
2èmes Journées Internationales sur l'Informatique Graphique, Tébessa, Algérie, 2006

[I. Truck & A. Bonardi & F. Rousseaux & H. Akdag 06]
Vers une distanciation anticipation - cible du jeu d'acteurs : le cas de l'Opéra Interactif Alma Sola, Journées CogniEst Retour sur l'Anticipation, Strasbourg, novembre 2006.

Chapitres de livres d'audience internationale avec comité de rédaction et de lecture

[B. Achili & B. Daachi & A. Ali Chérif & Y. Amirat 12]

Control of Free and Constrained Motion of a C5 Parallel Robot, chapitre du livre Mechatronic & Innovative Applications, Bentham Science Publishers, sous presse, Janvier 2012.



[N. Jouandeau & Y. Touati & A. Ali Cherif 08]

Incremental Motion Planning With Las Vegas Algorithms,(book chapter) on Robotics, Automation and Control, I-Tech book, 2008.


[Y. Touati &  Y. Amirat & Y., Djamaa, Z. & A.  Ali-Chérif, A 08]

Robust Position Estimation of an Autonomous Mobile Robot, Book Chapter in Frontiers in Robotics, Automation and Control, (15) pp.293-318, 2008.

[H. Akdag & I. Truck 08]
Uncertainty Operators in a Many-valued Logic, chapter from the Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining - 2nd Edition, John Wang, ed., Information Science Reference, August 2008. ISBN: 978-1-60566-010-3.

[I. Truck & H. Akdag 05]
A Qualitative Approach for symbolic Data Manipulation under Uncertainty, chapitre du livre Fuzzy Systems  Engineering Theory and Practice, Series: Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, Springer, Vol. 181, pp 23-51, 2005. ISBN: 3-540-25322-X.

Communications avec actes internationales

 [Z. Yan & N. Jouandeau & A. Ali Cherif 11]

Multi-robot decentralized exploration using a trade-based approach. In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO 2011), Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 2011.

[N. Jouandeau & Z. Yan 11]

Improved Trade-based Multi-robot Coordination. In Proceedings of the 6th Joint International Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence Conference (ITAIC 2011),Chongqing,China, 2011

[ Y. Touati & H. Aoudia & A. Ali-Chérif 10]

Intelligent wheelchair localization in wireless Sensor network environment: a fuzzy logic approach, IEEE Conference on Intelligent Systems, IS’10, London, UK, July 2010.


[C. Sauvaget & V. Boyer 10]

Colour harmonization, Non-Photorealistic techniques, ACM AFRIGRAPH, South Africa, 21-23 juin 2010.


[Z. Yan, N. Jouandeau, A. Ali Cherif 10]
Sampling-Based Multi-Robot Exploration, ISR/ROBOTIK 2010 Conference, Munich 2010.

[T. Cazenave & N. Jouandeau 10]
Towards deadlock free Sokoban, Board Game Studies XIIIth Colloquium, Paris 2010

[M.Lamolle & C. Leduc & C. Menet 10], An Ontology-Driven Architecture Approach for open Multimedia service oriented Architectures, First International Conference on Models and Ontology-based Design of Protocols, Architectures and Services (MOPAS'10), Athens, Greece, June 2010, à paraître.


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[L. Seddiki & K. Guelton & J. Zaytoon 10] Concept and Takagi–Sugeno descriptor tracking controller design of a CMC lower-limb rehabilitation device, IET Control Theory & Applications, 2010. acceptée, sous presse.

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Smart Wheelchair design and monitoring via Wired and Wireless Networks, In: IEEE Symposium on Industrial Electronics and Application, Malaysia, Oct. 2009.

[B. Achili, & B. Daachi & A. Ali-Cherif & Y. Amirat 09]

Combined MLP Neural Network and Sliding Mode Technique for Parallel Robots Control: An Adaptive Approach,  In: IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, pp. 28—35, Atlanta - Georgia, June 2009.


[N. Jouandeau & P. Bonnin & V. Hugel & P. Blazevic 09]
From Color Groups to Scene Interpretation, WHSR 2009, Workshop of Humanoid Soccer Robots, Paris 2009.


[T. Cazenave & N. Jouandeau 09]

Parallel Nested Monte-Carlo Search,NIDISC’09 - The 12th International Workshop on Nature Inspired Distributed Computing, 2009.

[B. Achili, B. Daachi, A. Ali-Cherif, and Y. Amirat 09]

Robust neural adaptive force controller for a C5 parallel robot,  In: IEEE International conference on advanced robotics ICAR, pp. 1—6, munich, June 2009.


[J-F. Lucas 09] Agents evolution to communication, a global approach to language, computing and computational intelligence (Ci'09 – ECC '09) WSEAS Press, ISSN 1790-5117,
p227-232, 2009.


[C. Sauvaget & V.Boyer 09]

Abstraction of Photographs: A Comics Style Approach ECC 26-28 juin 2009.

[G. Kembellec & I.Saleh & C. Sauvaget 09]

IT domain ontology map as an access to scientific corpus for advanced learners Innovations for Building and Construction, towards a better, stronger and sustainable future using advanced ICT Europia mars 2009, ISBN 978-2-909285-56-1.


[G. Kembellec & I. Saleh & C. Sauvaget 09]

A Model of Cross Language Retrieval for IT domain papers through a map of ACM Computing Classification System ISBN 978-1-4244-3757-3, ICMCS 2-4 avril 2009.


[E. Exposito & J. Gomez & M. Lamolle 09]

Semantic and Architectural Framework for Autonomic Transport Services, First International Conference on Adaptive and Self-adaptive Systems and Applications (ADAPTIVE'09), Athens, Greece, novembre 2009.


[L. Menet & M. Lamolle 09]

A Model Driven Engineering approach applied toMaster Data Management, 2nd workshop of Ambiant Data Integration in international conference OntheMove’09, november 2009, Vilamoura, Portugal.


[J. Gomez & E. Exposito & M. Lamolle 09]

Towards user-centric configuration and deployment of multimedia services: A semantic framework, International Workshop on Ubiquitous Multimedia Services and Applications (UMSA), St Peterburg, Russia, Octobre 2009.

[J. Gomez & E. Exposito & M. Lamolle 09]

A Multimedia Ontology Driven Architecture framework (MODA) for Networked Multimedia Systems, First International Conference on “Networked Digital Technologies” (NDT'09), p. , Ostrava, République Tchèque, Juillet 2009.

[A. Bonardi & I. Truck 09]
Designing a Library For Computing [Performances] With Words, 4th International Conference on Intelligent Systems & Knowledge Engineering (ISKE'2009), pp 40-45, Hasselt, Novembre 2009.


[B. Le Duc, P. Châtel, N. Rivierre, J. Malenfant, P. Collet & I. Truck 09]
Non-functional Data Collection for Adaptive Business Processes and Decision Making, The 4th Middleware for Service-Oriented Computing (MW4SOC), Workshop at the ACM/IFIP/ USENIX Middleware Conference, Urbana Champaign, USA, Novembre 2009.


[K. Mordal & F. Balmas & Simon Denier & S. Ducasse & H. Wertz & Jannik Laval & Fabrice Bellingard & Philippe Vaillergues 09]

The Squale Model – A Practice-Based Industrial Quality Model, Proceedings of the 25th International Confenrece on Software Maintenance (short paper), Edmonton (Canada) 2009.


[A. Bergel & S. Denier & S. Ducasse & J. Laval & F. Bellingard & P. Vaillergues & F. Balmas & K. Mordal-Manet 09]

SQUALE – Software QUALity Enhancement, European Projects Track at the 13th Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering, Kaiserslautern (Germany), 2009. 


[L. Menet & M. Lamolle 09]

Incremental validation of models in a MDE approach applied to the modeling of complex data structures, International Conference on Semantic Web and Web Services (SWWS’2009 in WORLDCOMP’09), p. , Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, July 2009. 

[B. Achili & B. Daachi & A. Ali Cherif & Y. Amirat 08]
Compensateur neuronal adaptatif pour la commande d’un robot parallèle à liaison C5, Conférence Internationale Francophone d’Automatique (CIFA’2008), Bucarest, Roumanie, Sept 2008.


[B. Achili & B. Daachi & A. Ali Cherif  & Y. Amirat  08]

Identification of the Dynamic Parameters of the C5 Parallel Robot”. In proc. of Int. Conf. on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO’2008), Funchal, Madeira-Portugal, 11-15 mai 2008.

[B. Achili & B. Daachi & A. Ali Cherif & Y. Amirat 08]

"Robust control of the C5 parallel robot”. In proc. of Int. Conf. on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO’2008), Funchal, Madeira-Portugal, 11-15 mai 2008. 


[L. Menet & M. Lamolle 08]

Towards a bidirectional transformation of UML and XML models, International Conference on e-Learning, e-Business, Enterprise Information Systems, and e-Government (EEE’2008 in WORLDCOMP’08), p. 14 – 17 July 2008, Las-Vegas, Nevada, USA.


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Extension conceptuelle de méta-modèles XML et UML pour une transformation bidirectionnelle de modèles, International Conference of Web and Information Technologies (ICWIT'08), 29-30 juin 2008, Sidi Bel Abbes, Algérie

[L. Menet & M. Lamolle 08]

Managing Master Data with XML Schema and UML, International Workshop on Advanced Information Systems for Enterprises (IWAISE'08), avril 2008, Constantine, Algérie.


[A. ZERDAZI & M. Lamolle 08]

Computing Path Similarity relevant to XML Schema Matching, Firth International Workshop « Ambient Data Integration » (ADI'08), conference OTM, 9-14 Novembre 2008, Monterrey (Mexique).

[A. Zerdazi & M. Lamolle 08]